Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

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Are the logos printed?

No, we do not print anything (nothing topical). Each logo is cut by color on our waterjet and hand assembled/inlaid back together,  like piecing a puzzle together. Unlike ‘printed’ you cannot wear off the logo, it’s good for the life of the material.

The Inlay Process

Step 1: You send us the design of your choice.

Step 2: An artwork approval is created based on the artwork you send us. This art is proportionally sized to fit the scale of the finished product you require and then cut on a precision waterjet machine to an exact replica of the image.

Step 3: The various pieces are then assembled from the different colors of material to match the design and art proof.

Step 4: These cut pieces are assembled/inlaid back together to form the multicolored image and then welded permanently back together to produce a replica of the artwork in a much larger size.